courage can't see around corners but goes around them anyway. ~Mignon McLaughlin

We are like that only

In India, this is the famously common response to nearly any question about why people are the way they are or why India is the way it is. At first, it may suggest a certain apathy or resignation to the status quo. But it also typifies a flexible go-with-the-flow attitude that brings a sense of peace amid the chaos, frustration and contradictions of daily interactions in India.

India may be a fast growing, changing society, but certain habits and attitudes remain constants in this society — so constant it is worth celebrating and smiling about.

This short film brilliantly celebrates some of those classic Indian traits and quirks. They are some of the little things that have endeared India to me over the years — far beyond the stereotypical spiritual India that we’ve all read or heard about.

What made me smile again was when I realised this is an ad film from Trueroots telecom, an international calling service aimed at Indians abroad. No surprise it’s a Tata company, a large corporation that manages to consistently remain plugged into the culture, the zeitgeist, the needs and desires of Indian society. Bravo.


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