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Fledgling UK Solar Industry At Risk

I suppose it’s fitting that I revive this blog on a note about alternative energy and the risks this infant industry faces in the UK. Last year, everyone I knew with a South-facing roof had an installer over to quote them the costs and estimated ROI on solar panels. This was all fuelled by the generous government incentive to get as many Britons using solar energy as possible. The incentive comes in the form of a feed-in tariff, which means that homeowners get paid for the energy they produce that feeds into the national energy grid.

But as of recently, the future of the solar industry in the UK is at stake. A drastic reduction in the solar feed-in tariff (up to 75%) would be devastating to the growth of the solar industry. At a time when governments need to show leadership and vision, this policy move reveals weaknesses in both. We can do better than this. And we must. You will find loads online about this, but one aspect of the argument is well outlined here by the BBC.


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