Hey Victoria – I couldn’t help immediately linking back to the Radia tapes controversy, that was the tip of a massive iceberg of corruption on the 2G spectrum scan in India, which broke in Nov/Dec 2010.

The fact that none of the big mainstream print newspaper carried headlines for days about one of the most scandalous/juicy/ depraved exhibitions of string pulling and fixing between IndiaCorp and the Government was testament to the limitations on traditional media under the editorial whip. This touches on it slightly (http://blogs.reuters.com/india/2010/12/03/forget-journalistic-ethics-the-radia-tapes-have-wider-implications/) – but it was incredible to watch the tweetosphere go nuts on the scandal christened #barkhagate, and tip the balance in expressing public uproar on the issue. India watchers (like me 😉 ) in the UK got more out of twitter than out of NDTV (understandably) or even respected publications like the Hindu for days.

As always though, the question remains – what happens for all those who AREN’T middle class? I hear the Waag Society and Sarai in India do some great stuff (http://waagsarai.waag.org/).

Will stop rambling – this is good stuff, V! RSS feed, here I come ;).