courage can't see around corners but goes around them anyway. ~Mignon McLaughlin

Election insomnia

I can’t sleep.
I’m sitting here listening to BBC Radio 4 unable to log on to ANY of the live election coverage sites. It’s like an updated version of the old telephone exchange overloads! CNN live, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, even the Economist site is crashing. So, I’m having a retro evening, sitting by the radio finishing off the rest of Kiran’s whiskey he left for me when he fell into a dead slumber on the couch.

Poor thing wanted to stay up all night with me tracking election coverage or, at the very least, waiting to hear the results from Virginia. But he’s been attacked by a cold and is better off resting. He just asked me to wake him up when we know the results so we can pop the champagne. We’ll celebrate tomorrow: we’ll either be glad the right man is the president-elect or we’ll be damn glad we don’t live in America. Either way there will be champagne!

Although my political leanings are far from hidden, I’ve always been concerned about privacy, especially in the midst of such near criminal breaches of personal privacy in technology. Big Brother can read my email, tap my phone, see where I shop, for what and when, and he can even tell marketers where to find me if they pay him. Spooky but true. I don’t have to market either of the candidates. If you want to know who I support, take a look at what political machine has made it so impossible for my husband to visit my family in America. The US hasn’t been the most welcoming place for foreigners in a while — ask anyone who’s tried to immigrate without significant personal wealth behind them.

While coming to grips with our disappointment, I vent while Kiran quietly reflects and we find some common ground in between. It works most of the time.

While I was on the phone with my cousin Alex last night about my Aunt’s rapidly declining health, Kiran was online writing an email of support to all my NY relatives. He feels duty-bound to go be with my mom’s family and support them, but he’s not allowed precisely because he has a reason to visit the US. In the eyes of most cynical immigration officers, if you have a reason to visit, you must want to stay. You’ll have to forgive me if my tales are peppered with a touch of bitterness at the moment. I have yet to achieve such a state of personal zen that I can transcend anger at injustice, especially when it’s personal.

At any rate, if you’re American and you’re reading this, I hope you voted!


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